Warm-ish Winter Wonderland

When I moved to Boston in the Fall, I enjoyed the beautiful leaves changing colors, but knew in the back of my mind that a brutally cold winter was coming soon.  This Florida girl prepared and braced herself for cold like she’s never known before, but so far, it hasn’t been that bad.  This winter has been the second warmest winter in history!  It’s as if I brought the  warm Floridaweather with me.  Most days are in the 30s with the low in the 10s to 20s.  It has snowed a few times laready, but nothing like the mountains of snow they got here last year.  I am certainly not complaining!

Most people thought that I would be freezing my tucas off here, but I am actually really enjoying the steadily “cold” weather.  The coldest it ever got in Florida was 27 and it would only get below 50 degrees for a few days out of the year.  It always annoyed me that there weren’t real seasons in Fl (even girls would wear their ugg boots with shorts in the winter).  So, I am really enjoying getting some actual use out of my winter wardrobe (coats, boots, hats, scarves) and the cool, crisp air is extremely refreshing. 

Boston Common

Walking around outside is quite pleasant, even when the wind is blowing.  I reluctantly bought a puffy parka jacket and I will never look back.  I used to think they were ugly and made people look larger than they really were due to the Michellin man-like structure, but I’ve never had a warmer coat in my life.

Despire it not snowing very much here, we went skiing last weekend.  Most of the ski resorts in the North East pump in snow to structure their ski runs.  We went to a place in Northern Massachusetts and skied and snowboarded.  It was fabulous.

Having winter sports and activities such as skiing, sledding, and ice skating can make a cold couple of months be much more bearable.  Hot chocolate is a must!  But, overall, this Florida girl is enjoying her first New England winter, despite it being unseasonable mild.  How is the weather where you are?

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