Dusting Off My Running Shoes


Dusting Off My Running Shoes

MB2x is participating in the Tampa Bay Corporate 5K race in downtown Tampa on April 11th and we are all so excited to race together! We have been training 2x a week with our corporate wellness trainer and have all been on a custom nutrition and supplement plan to get healthy and gear up for the race.

I haven’t run a 5K since the Iron Girl in April of 2010 when I did the Couch-to-5K program. I’m a little rusty, but excited to get back out there.

Please LIKE our race shirts (designed by our amazingly talented graphic artist Theresa Steele) so we can WIN the Best Tshirt Design Contest. The shirt with the most likes wins! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=428318603928345&set=a.428318100595062.1073741827.373382532755286&type=1&theater

New Website Launch – Responsive Design

We just launched our new company website yesterday and I couldn’t be prouder of it!  It was a collaborative process between our graphic artists, developers, myself (as copywriter), and a project manager.  It was a really fun project.  Our team worked extremely well together on it and we all learned a lot in the process.  

My favorite things about the site are the design, the responsive design, and of course, my own copy.  🙂  The copy was really easy and fun to write because I had total freedom and could be a little playful and creative with it since it’s for our own website, we are the client!  

The design is really sleek, modern, and beautiful.  I love the colors, layout, and typography especially.  It has such a fresh and techy-yet-creative vibe that is visually enticing.  Our designer Natalie Kyle is so talented it’s not even funny.  

Another really cool thing about our site (that might not be obvious to visitors) is the responsive design.  Responsive web design is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). (Wikipedia)  

What this means for you is that if you open our website on your cell phone, tablet, or computer (with any size monitor), it will look really great in all 3.  It will display fully without the need to resize your window, resolution, scroll, or zoom in/out.  Try it!  Pull up mb2x.com on your cell phone and see what it does.  You won’t have to zoom in and scroll around the page to view all of the content like you would on other sites.  We know, we rock.

Our designer/developer Theresa Steele is a wiz at responsive design and does it better than I’ve ever seen it done before.  She loves using all of the new features that can be done with HTML5 and CSS3 and it really shows in her work.

All in all, this has been a really great week at MB2x.  I’m learning a lot and feeling really fulfilled when I see a project come to life.