Preparing for the Writers UA Conference

This week I am preparing my trip to Memphis for the Writers UA Conference.  I leave tomorrow for a week in Florida for a friend’s wedding and to visit family.  Since we didn’t get to come home for the holidays, we decided to extend our trip for the wedding so that we could sneak in some time with them.  At the very end of our trip to FL, I will be leaving for my trip to Memphis.  Packing for this trip is quite the challenge.  I will be going to the beach, theme parks, a wedding, and a professional conference (and I’m trying to do it all in 2 small carry on bags).

I have planned which seminars I am going to attend and cover for the magazine, researched some local restaurants and bars in Memphis, and even found out about the famous Peabody Hotel duck parade.  I’ve never been to a conference like this before, so I am very excited and nervous.  I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I think it will be an incredible learning experience.  My goal is to someday present at a conference like this, so I’m sure I will also get a lot of inspiration on this trip.

I will be blogging about the conference here as well as writing session summaries for Tech Writer Today Magazine. So stay tuned for the latest and greatest insider info on what’s happening in Memphis!